Recover Your Website if De-Indexed by Google

Recover Your Website if De-Indexed by Google

Recover Your Website if De-Indexed by Google

If you have free time, take a sit with an SEO expert and ask what’s the most scared them most and we are pretty sure the answer will be “De-Indexed by Google”. Yes, indeed it is a terrible thing and nightmare for any SEO service provider. The reason behind this is there’s no cheat sheet that an SEO manager can use to hunt the exact problem. The website can be de-indexed for an unknown reason and it might take a lot of time and resources to fix the problem. We as a digital marketing services company been providing SEO service for quite a while now and we did face this issue on several occasions, however, thanks to our SEO team, we were able to hunt down the problem and were able to fix the issue promptly. We have talked with our SEO experts and today we are sharing a few reasons which make the website be de-indexed by Google.

First of all, let’s make sure the fault is not from your end. Many times developers turn off indexing so that they can work on the website. However, it has been found that after completion of the work, they forget to turn, back it on and result in no indexing problem. There is also a chance that during development or code review process someone indexed the website from the backend. Though this method seems pretty simple and hard to miss, however, it happens quite often. If everything is fine in the backend, let’s jump into more complicated instances.

Most people understand to rank great in the search engine a website must have both incoming and outgoing links. However, it doesn’t mean you can spam the internet with the link in forums that are not related to the businesses’ service or products at all. If you have been following this practice, it is highly likely you went too far and Google’s crawler flagged your practice which is lead to being indexed. Google red flags links if you are adding a link too fast or buying links or other discouraged actions. If you have been playing smart by hiding your link with a white background or similar, you can get blacklisted. Are you participating in link farming? If yes, then stop it now because the search giant can detect it easily. These can black hat SEO practice can be found by auditing your backlink profiles. Make sure you are doing it the right way to avoid getting a slap from Google.

At this point, be honest with yourself. Have you been misleading your users by offering mischievous information to woo more users? Sneaky tactics, keywords stuffing is a common method that is being used to redirect more traffic. However, this is bad for your business and website’s future. Because these practices are not authorized by Google and yes, you can get a penalty for it. If you really want to boost your traffic, use the techniques used by a professional digital marketing services company. Yes, it will take some time to drive more traffic, but at least you will be able to sleep well at night!

In the end, we would like to say that most of the time the website is due-Indexed by Google only if the SEO practice is not fair. If you think your backend is clear from any possible problem, audit your website and find the mistake to solve the problem ASAP. De-Indexed, if running for a long time can lead to a more devastating result. If you can’t find anything, get in touch with a professional SEO service provider like Elvira Infotech, one of the best SEO service provider in India with exceptional experience in the domain of SEO and digital marketing services. Get in touch now!

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