How to Optimize Ecommerce Websites To Increase Sales?

How to Optimize Ecommerce Websites To Increase Sales?

How to Optimize Ecommerce Websites To Increase Sales?

Own an eCommerce website? Not happy with the result? Well, you are not alone. Optimizing an eCommerce website is not a Childs’ play. Luckily, the difficulties can be overcome easily if you consider taking help from a professional digital marketing company. The common practice among many eCommerce businesses is link sharing. This may work well for content-oriented websites; however, you will never find a good success rate if you are selling products and services. The following are tips to help optimize your eCommerce website:

  • Never copy and paste the product description provided by the manufacturer. This may save you some time, however, the method will not boost your rankings. Original content helps to SERP ranking. Every product page should consist of a unique description or the search engine spiders will consider it to be duplicate content and ban your entire website. If you do not know how to rewrite, consider hiring a professional content writer service.

  • Your content should consist of targeted keywords. The keyword field must be displayed in the title tags, meta tags, and the body of the text as well. While you are updating the content, do not overdo it. If you put the unnecessary keywords in the content, you won’t rank well and the quality of your site will decrease as well. Professional eCommerce marketing agencies suggest 2% of keywords.

  • An E-commerce website consists of many pages and you have to put keywords smartly. Place the product-related singular keyword in the product page. Always optimize plural keywords on other SEO pages, for instance, the landing pages and home page.

  • Make sure your URLs are search engine friendly or not. You should have product names and keywords in the URL rather than IDs, strings of numbers, or other parameters. As an eCommerce web development company, we would like to suggest using URL rewriting software.

  • Make sure that you place all products within 2 to 3 clicks away from the homepage. People do not enjoy spending too much time on searching for products and services. Your products should be as close as possible to your homepage. Never bury your services and products in categories or subcategories.

  • While you are updating the meta tag, do not clutter it with keywords that have nothing to do with your content on that particular page. Make use of 48 characters ( including spaces) for meta title and 160 characters ( including spaces) for the meta description.

  • Always use individual keywords for the description meta tags. Use a brief product description for the meta tag content on every product page.

  • Review works. More than 90 % of online customers read at least one review before making any purchase. Ask any professional digital marketing company and they will suggest adding a review section on the website. As an e-commerce website owner, you have to find ways to add new and unique content.

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