Five Reasons Why a Web Developer Should learn AngularJS

Five Reasons Why a Web Developer Should learn AngularJS

Five Reasons Why a Web Developer Should learn AngularJS

AngularJS is the most favored framework for building interactive elements of a website. It was created as a full-featured JavaScript framework to improve efficiency & simplicity. Developers find AngularJS highly practical especially in building dynamic, single-page apps, and supporting Model View Controller programming structure. As the business conditions shifts to a highly competitive environment, AngularJS has appeared as the superhero because of its intuitiveness and rich characteristics.

Enables design development workflow: AngularJS assists designers to add HTML in the applications while designing without breaking an application. As it depends on a specific structure to find an element and execute tasks. Designers can leave the job of rearranging the codes, they can rather move parts around the code.

High Performance: Do you know why developers prefer AngularJS for web development? Well, the reason is it is easy to use and maintenance is simple as well. With AngularJS, developing new features is easy since it is robust and intuitive. No developers want to spend hours on debugging, however, it is simple to execute minor updates with the help of Angularjs. The maintenance of AngularJS is further is easy backed by power-packed features. Some of the top features in AngularJS is Animations, Data Binding, Directives, Content Sanitization, Routing, API Client, etc. Hence, all these aides to achieve high performance while working on web development.

Time-saving & reduce coding size: Projects that used to take weeks even months to complete with other frameworks can be completed faster with AngularJS. Angularjs reduce the line of coding, as we know the developer looks for the best potential means to reduce the size of codes. And, with Angularjs, there’s no requirement to create MVC pipeline. Moreover, HTML makes it easy to build an application without getter and setter.

Easy to adopt: Front-end development with Angularjs- JavaScript MVC Framework is quite simple to start with. Normally, to start web development in a minute, you only need to add few attributes to the HTML language and you are ready to begin the development. This framework enhance HTML & effortlessly execute all the necessary tasks, helping to pull out the controller function. Further, it enables building dependency between controller and template.

Angular handles dependencies effectively: With Angularjs, the annoyance to manage dependencies and dynamic loading are decreased. Hence, you don’t have to bother about namespace and for example, what you need to do is, name it and the rest will get done by Angularjs.

Google backs angular and supports it with a huge open community, you can ensure that its all feature will be increasingly enhanced with time for excellent performances.

We hope the above analysis helps you to aware of why to implement AngularJS in your front end development project. If you have any query you can ask experts @Elvira Infotech in the comment section.

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